IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool
IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool

IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool

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New design, rotary powder stirring. This new WDT tool is equipped with 8 pins, fixed in different positions, which stir the coffee powder in a range of different diameters while rotating. It can break up the lumps of coffee more evenly and efficiently.

Adjustable depth to fit baskets of different depths: adjust the proper depth by adjusting the uppermost wooden part, loosening the wood counterclockwise and adjusting it to the right height, then adjusting the metal part underneath the wood to the right position, and finally tightening these two parts.

Equipped with a dual function Dosing Ring. A magnetic ring that serves as a base as well as the portafilter's Dosing Funnels, ensuring that the ground coffee does not fall out of the basket during the WDT tool's stirring process. It is recommended to shake the ground coffee directly after using the WDT tool to stabilize it.

Equipped with a needle protection design. IKAPE's coffee WDT tool comes with a silicone base to protect the needle from being damaged; at the same time, the needle will be sucked by the magnet when lifting it up, so that it can be placed for a short period of time without the base without being harmed.

Cool Appearance Design. This espresso WDT tool is designed to imitate the insect "praying mantis", the cool appearance design has an appreciation of the aesthetic sense.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jose Antigua

IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool

Farano Gennaro

Great piece.. But some needles were bent..

IKAPE Espresso Rotary WDT Tool

In the simplest words possible, AMAZING! it's consistent Everytime regardless of grind size, or portafilter. Plus the design is on point. I just wish I had a knock box for my two screens, two separate portafilters, my tamper, my distributor, and my WDT tool. Everything I have is iKAPE except the machine itself.

Good, but room for improvement

Excellent build quality and crafted nicely. A few things I would like to see are removable and replaceable needles. And a planetary rotary gears instead of fixed. Overall a good product and worth the price.

Grant Baker
Espresso Rotarty WDT Tool Review

The rotary WDT tool has been great for the consistency of my puck prep routine. The grinder that I have is not the greatest and leaves large clumps, but each puck looks perfectly distributed with no clumps after using the rotary WDT tool. Only takes a few sideways hand movements along the side of the handle. It’s actually pretty fun! Would definitely recommend this tool to anyone.

Don't be discouraged at first if you think that the height of the needles does not work well with your portafilter basket. You can easily adjust the height in just a few seconds, and I think they even have a video on their instagram page showing how to do so.


IKAPE offers accessories and tools for the leading espresso machines on the market today, including 51mm, 54mm, and 58mm portafilter coffee makers. Some of the products involve sizes 45.5mm and 49.5mm.
If you are not sure which size is right for you, you can always contact us for more information about our products.

After continuous improvement and market feedback, IKAPE finally set the exact dimensions of the product as follows
51.00mm - universal for 51mm portafilter coffee makers
53.30mm - universal for 54mm portafilter coffee machines
58.35mm - universal for 58mm portafilter coffee machines

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About IKAPE Aftersale Service From Customers


Excellent customer service

Janusz Smaluch /From Canada

From order #2358


I bought it for my brother’s birthday gift. He loves it so much and he said the quality is amazing.

Ikape has an excellent customer service. I bought the wrong size at first, Alex @ customer service had a prompt response and sent me the correct one immediately. Highly recommended!!

Wing Shan Lai /From Canada

From Order #2356


I am completely satisfied with the quality of the product, the fast delivery and the help of the support team with the issues that arise.

György Répás / From Hungary

From Order #2199


I ‘m very satisfyed with this excellent tamper really well calibrated
Ikape have an excellent after sale service,with great communication thank you guys 🙏

Nicolas Bojkov /From France

From Order #1879


Excellent product quality, and great after sales support from the team!

Will /From Australia

From Order #1838