The origin of IKAPE

A coffee bean, from picking to turning into coffee liquid, there are several processes that affect the taste of coffee, such as the type of coffee bean, roasting method, water temperature, utensils, puck prep, etc. We have been thinking about how to turn high quality coffee beans into the best cup of espresso? Therefore, we created the IKAPE coffee brand, dedicated to providing espresso lovers with the best tools to get the perfect tasting coffee.

Our Advantages

IKAPE comes from China, with a strong industrial manufacturing background, we have our own manufacturing factory with controlled product quality and can achieve fast product sample out of the mold. We also have our own design team, which insists on product originality and can design new products and update products according to market demand and market feedback.

Our Vision

For us, everyone can be a qualified barista. In the process of making coffee, it is a pleasure and an artistic experience, and getting the right coffee for your taste is a happiness. We want everyone to be able to use our coffee accessories and get the perfect coffee with the help of them.

Our service

We provide omnichannel communication, you can contact us through social media or email, you can give us feedback on your questions, share your experience, or even give us your thoughts on the product. We are happy to keep in touch with you.

IKAPE is willing to be every espresso lover's right-hand man and warm your heart at all times.