IKAPE Espresso Puck Screen, Coffee Puck Screen-Ultra-Thin (New)
IKAPE Espresso Puck Screen, Coffee Puck Screen-Ultra-Thin (New)
IKAPE Espresso Puck Screen, Coffee Puck Screen-Ultra-Thin (New)
IKAPE Espresso Puck Screen, Coffee Puck Screen-Ultra-Thin (New)
IKAPE Espresso Puck Screen, Coffee Puck Screen-Ultra-Thin (New)
IKAPE Espresso Puck Screen, Coffee Puck Screen-Ultra-Thin (New)

IKAPE Espresso Puck Screen, Coffee Puck Screen-Ultra-Thin (New)

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☕ Ultra-Thin and Lightweight - Crafted from food-grade 304 stainless steel, our Espresso Puck Screen boasts an ultra-thin and lightweight design. This innovative construction ensures a professional-grade coffee experience with every brew.
☕ Enjoy a more flavorful espresso - Designed for the discerning palate of professional baristas, this reusable Espresso Puck Screen elevates your espresso game. It enhances channeling effects, maintains brewing head integrity, and guarantees consistent, high-quality shots.
☕ Versatile Brewing - From the comfort of home to bustling office spaces and commercial coffee havens, our Espresso Puck Screen finds its place everywhere.
☕ Even Water Dispersion - Unlock the true potential of your espresso with our screen's ability to evenly disperse water.

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Customer Reviews

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Wietse C.
Excellent puck screen

Instead of a mesh puck screen that is hard to clean and leaves your coffee tasting a bit metallic, this puck screen is easy to clean and has no side effects taste wise. Very happy with the purchase!

Good no issues

This is my first puck screen. Idk if it does a difference to my shot but i use it to prevent coffee ground from sticking to my espresso machine. Plus it is easy to clean and it comes with a little box to store it safely while it is not in use.

Koli Express Anar Eliyev KL388869 Koli Express Anar Eliyev KL388869
Puck screen

would like to have option with large hole in cener for shower screen screw, mine screens keep denting in center now i am looking toward normcores pucs and bomber they have holed options

Great even extraction

Great addition to my puck prep routine. This pretty much eliminated the occasional channeling on my lighter roast espresso. When it comes to incremental gains, I’d recommend this simple tool over many others out there. Noticable difference in the cup.

Balint Laszlo

Great product


IKAPE offers accessories and tools for the leading espresso machines on the market today, including 51mm, 54mm, and 58mm portafilter coffee makers. Some of the products involve sizes 45.5mm and 49.5mm.
If you are not sure which size is right for you, you can always contact us for more information about our products.

After continuous improvement and market feedback, IKAPE finally set the exact dimensions of the product as follows
51.00mm - universal for 51mm portafilter coffee makers
53.30mm - universal for 54mm portafilter coffee machines
58.35mm - universal for 58mm portafilter coffee machines

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About IKAPE Aftersale Service From Customers


Excellent customer service

Janusz Smaluch /From Canada

From order #2358


I bought it for my brother’s birthday gift. He loves it so much and he said the quality is amazing.

Ikape has an excellent customer service. I bought the wrong size at first, Alex @ customer service had a prompt response and sent me the correct one immediately. Highly recommended!!

Wing Shan Lai /From Canada

From Order #2356


I am completely satisfied with the quality of the product, the fast delivery and the help of the support team with the issues that arise.

György Répás / From Hungary

From Order #2199


I ‘m very satisfyed with this excellent tamper really well calibrated
Ikape have an excellent after sale service,with great communication thank you guys 🙏

Nicolas Bojkov /From France

From Order #1879


Excellent product quality, and great after sales support from the team!

Will /From Australia

From Order #1838