Frequently Asked Questions

1、How long does it take to ship from where and how long does it take to ship?
Orders are shipped from China except for the United States, Canada, and Mexico (recommended on Amazon). We will generally send the package out within 1-3 business days, the delivery time needs to refer to our delivery policy

2、Does the buyer need to pay customs duty?
If the buyer's country requires VAT or customs duty for importing goods from China, then the buyer needs to pay this tax, and of course we will cooperate with customs clearance and tax payment.

3、Can I cancel my order if I don't want it after I place it?
In this case, please notify us by email in time, if we have not yet sent the package, we can cancel the order for you. If the parcel is sent out, please refer to our return policy

4、Can I get a refund because of the quality of the product itself?
We will check the status of the product before delivery to ensure that the product is intact, but if there is indeed a problem with the product itself, we do support the return for a refund, you can refer to our return policy