IKAPE V1 Coffee Electronic Scale
IKAPE V1 Coffee Electronic Scale
IKAPE V1 Coffee Electronic Scale
IKAPE V1 Coffee Electronic Scale

IKAPE V1 Coffee Electronic Scale

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☕ Accurate Measurement & Wide Measuring Range - Our digital coffee scale is highly accurate at 0.1g, with 0.3 to 2000g wide measuring range.

☕ Multi-functional Premium Digital Coffee Scale - The scale has three adjustable modes, namely, Normal Mode, which displays the time and weight. M1 Smart Hand Brew Mode, which displays the ratio of powder to water and the weight of the powder. And M2 Smart Espresso Mode, which displays the time and the weight of the liquid. The three modes can be freely switched to meet the needs of a variety of scene use.

☕ A good helper for brewing coffee - our rechargeable espresso scale has a built-in timer to help baristas ensure consistency from cup to cup. Its automatic tare function allows you to take accurate measurements every time.

☕ Easy to Clean & Non-slip - Our espresso scale comes with a silicone mat that has insulating properties to protect the coffee accessories, waterproof and non-slip, and it is easy to remove and easy to clean. The bottom of the espresso scale is also non-slip design.

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Customer Reviews

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Andreas Tsiartas

Perfect scale for coffee

IKAPE never disappoints

Such a great scale. So precise. Helps me make uniform shots


IKAPE offers accessories and tools for the leading espresso machines on the market today, including 51mm, 54mm, and 58mm portafilter coffee makers. Some of the products involve sizes 45.5mm and 49.5mm.
If you are not sure which size is right for you, you can always contact us for more information about our products.

After continuous improvement and market feedback, IKAPE finally set the exact dimensions of the product as follows
51.00mm - universal for 51mm portafilter coffee makers
53.30mm - universal for 54mm portafilter coffee machines
58.35mm - universal for 58mm portafilter coffee machines

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About IKAPE Aftersale Service From Customers


Excellent customer service

Janusz Smaluch /From Canada

From order #2358


I bought it for my brother’s birthday gift. He loves it so much and he said the quality is amazing.

Ikape has an excellent customer service. I bought the wrong size at first, Alex @ customer service had a prompt response and sent me the correct one immediately. Highly recommended!!

Wing Shan Lai /From Canada

From Order #2356


I am completely satisfied with the quality of the product, the fast delivery and the help of the support team with the issues that arise.

György Répás / From Hungary

From Order #2199


I ‘m very satisfyed with this excellent tamper really well calibrated
Ikape have an excellent after sale service,with great communication thank you guys 🙏

Nicolas Bojkov /From France

From Order #1879


Excellent product quality, and great after sales support from the team!

Will /From Australia

From Order #1838