IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7
IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7
IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7
IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7
IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7
IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7
IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7
IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7
IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7

IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7

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Internally adjustable grinding scale for Turkish coffee, espresso, drip coffee, French press and more. Can grind up to 25gkaf at one time

Adopts 38mm burr with seven sides, made of 420 stainless steel, higher hardness, better grinding efficiency, and more energy-saving seven-sided burr.

Built-in double bearings to ensure more stable concentricity and grind more consistent coffee powder.

Improvements on the V1 manual coffee grinder, optimising several details.
① Magnetic powder bin. Designed as a stepped inner card, to avoid the problem that the powder bin will fall off when the palm touches it during the grinding process, which has been completely solved now. Regardless of the state of grinding the coffee beans, it will grind normally.
②Adding a lid. Plexiglass lid to prevent coffee beans from jumping out during grinding, transparent style, you can observe the grinding process.
③Optimise the built-in dial. Adopt 304 food-grade stainless steel, the surface with ceramic sand treatment, adjust the dial more smoothly.

Note: coffee grinder initial scale position is 1, if disassembled burr clean, and reloaded after the zero position may be in the scale position 8, if you need to adjust back to 1, then the burr will rotate 180 degrees and then fasten the burr system

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Timothy D Stephens

IKAPE V2 Manual Coffee Grinder KM7

Josuah De Martino

Works amazingly. I‘m very happy with it!

First higher-end, coffee-related purchase is perfect!

This is the first time I went and treated myself to a higher-end product related to coffee.

From the sleek design and feel of the grinder in my hand to the hefty weight and how easily it grinds, I am absolutely blown away by the quality of the product. Because of how easily it grinds, I think it produces a lot of static. Therefore, I find using a small spray bottle to give my beans a quick spritz of water before grinding to be the perfect solution. I also love how you can easily fine tune how coarse or how fine the grind will be and make micro adjustments. I am only just starting my journey into the world of coffee-making, so this was a fantastic buy. I also really love the magnetic grind container as well as the air duster and brush that comes with it.

But alas, I am sad that I dropped it and broke the clear plastic top/lid. I wonder if there is a way to get replacement pieces like that separately?

About IKAPE Aftersale Service From Customers


Excellent customer service

Janusz Smaluch /From Canada

From order #2358


I bought it for my brother’s birthday gift. He loves it so much and he said the quality is amazing.

Ikape has an excellent customer service. I bought the wrong size at first, Alex @ customer service had a prompt response and sent me the correct one immediately. Highly recommended!!

Wing Shan Lai /From Canada

From Order #2356


I am completely satisfied with the quality of the product, the fast delivery and the help of the support team with the issues that arise.

György Répás / From Hungary

From Order #2199


I ‘m very satisfyed with this excellent tamper really well calibrated
Ikape have an excellent after sale service,with great communication thank you guys 🙏

Nicolas Bojkov /From France

From Order #1879


Excellent product quality, and great after sales support from the team!

Will /From Australia

From Order #1838